Craig Smith


Craig Smith is the candidate for Ward 19 - Hamilton South in the South Lanarkshire Council by-election on Thursday 24th October 2013.

The by-election has been called after Councillor Bobby Lawson passed away on Tuesday 13 August 2013.

Craig stood for this ward in the local council election on 3rd May 2012.

Craig is the founder and Chairman of the Hamilton branch of the Scottish Christian Party.  He grew up locally and has lived in the ward for most of his life.  He wants to give the people of Hamilton the new blood it needs.  A recent article in the local paper highlighted there was a “desperate need of new blood” in South Lanarkshire Council.

Craig was educated in local schools and studied accountancy in Glasgow.  He went on to a career in sales and became a General Manager.  He is currently the Sales Manager of a metal distribution and solutions company.

Craig is married to Andrea who is a photographer, and they have two teenage children.  One is currently studying Games Design at the University in Hamilton and the other is studying for her standard grades.

Craig has served on the School Boards where his children attended both at Primary and Secondary level. He has served the church in roles of Deacon, Treasurer and Elder.  As well as teaching children he regularly preaches and teaches.

He enjoys sports, watching and playing football, golf and squash. He is also a keen chess player.

Vote number 1 for Craig Smith
The Lib Dems, the Greens and two independents failed to break through the Labour-Conservative hold on this ward in 2007, and the Conservative candidate succeeded only at the eighth stage of vote transfer.  So those voters opposed to this coalition should join their forces and give their collective 1200 votes in support of the Scottish Christian Party with number 1 and their own party number 2.  If this collective protest given to the SCP fails to make a break-through, these voters will not lose out because their second vote will automatically transfer to their own party.  This means their choice will count twice, and it will be opportunity to make an impact upon local politics.

2012 results
2007 results

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Mobile: 07765208741

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