2009 European Election

On Thursday 4th June 2009 the Christian Party fought the European Parliamentary Election throughout Britain.  In Scotland we ran as the Scottish Christian Party, and in England we were in alliance as The Christian Party – Christian Peoples Alliance on a platform of justice for all, respect for God, and care for His creation.

The joint Manifesto for Europe 2009 is here.

Results of European Election 4/6/2009

1. Almost ¼ million people voted for a Christian Voice as NUMBER ONE in the 2009 European Elections  These are not second choice votes, but first choice votes across the whole UK.

2. These 249,493 votes make the distinctly Christian Voice NUMBER NINE in voting strength in the UK, only six years since the launch of the Scottish Christian Party in 2004.

Please email us (click here) if you find websites that do not include the Christian Party in their list of political parties.

The Welsh Christian Party European Election Broadcast can be seen here.  Clive Owen, European candidate says: “we want your vote - not for what we can get out of it, but for what we can put into it.”


Nationally, the Christian Party polled 249,493 votes the ninth largest vote of the political parties in Britain.

These are not second choice votes, but first choice votes across the whole UK.

For the first time we have the core vote for the Scottish Christian Party. 16,738 people were prepared to put the Scottish Christian Party first on their ballot paper in Scotland.

In the 2007 Holyrood election, people had two votes - one for a Constituency seat and one for a Regional seat.  On that occasion the Scottish Christian Party campaigned that in some circumstances the second vote for a mainline party was a wasted vote.

As a result, many Christians took the opportunity to vote for the Scottish Christian Party on the Regional vote with the knowledge that it would not damage their own party for whom they voted on the Constituency vote.

However the 2009 European election presented them with a different decision. It was a straight choice – do I vote for my mainline party or do I vote for the Scottish Christian Party? Some Christians would not damage the prospects of their own party and they opted for their usual party. Others used tactical voting to aim for their desired result. We do not know how many did so, but at least some of them did, although it is not clear how many.

So for the first time we have the number of those Christians who will vote for the Scottish Christian Party as opposed to any other party, and it is the first time that it was possible to ascertain that figure. The core vote, at present, is 16,738, which is good enough to begin with. We are thankful to the Lord for these Gideon-like numbers.

It is not easy to analyse what happened. We have to face the fact that many Christians chose not to vote for the Scottish Christian Party.  In politics and in the Christian life there are many unpalatable facts to digest. The Lord tells us to expect unpalatable facts along with the sweet ones Rev 10:10.

The groups to target are:
1. Scottish Christian Party core voters. We need to make contact with them.
2. CPA voters who will support the Scottish Christian Party because the CPA is not active in Scotland.
3. CPA voters who won’t support the Scottish Christian Party. We need to gain their respect.
4. Christians who vote for other parties but who may consider tactical voting for the Scottish Christian Party. These are floating voters.
5. Those who vote for other parties and won’t consider a Christian Party; the most difficult group to win over. A well-organised party is a prerequisite before winning this group.
6. Those who don’t vote at all – the biggest group. Every political party has difficulty reaching them, but as a new party we may make inroads here if we can get our act together.

I appeal to those who voted for us to contact us and to consider the Brother Andrew campaign.

Every blessing to you all.

Campaign broadcast


The Political Broadcast for the European Elections June 4th 2009.

This joint Political Broadcast advocates a powerful, unified Christian response for honesty and integrity in politics in our troubled world: justice for all, respect for God, and care for His creation.  Vote Christian on June 4th.

The Christian Party is a Bible-believing, faith-based conservative party which believes in small government, greater neighbourly involvement, low taxes based upon an economy driven by thrift and enterprise rather than debt and consumerism.

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