Annual Conference 2011

15 October 2011

The first annual Conference of the Scottish Christian Party was held in Glasgow on 8th October 2011.

One year after the Scottish Executive Committee was constituted, party members gathered in Springburn, Glasgow, to prepare for the Local Council elections next year in May 2012.

Dr Donald Boyd, the leader of the Scottish Christian Party, gave a presentation on Scottish Local Council Elections 2012 and Doorstep Evangelism.  He is fighting the Inverness South Ward by-election at present.  This was followed by short addresses from local councillor Jeff Green, the Leader of the Christian Party (Wales) and Tom Selfridge, former Labour councillor in North Lanarkshire.  Break-out sessions discussed these issues and fed back to a plenary session to complete the morning’s business.

In the afternoon Constitutional issues were addressed and details are expected to appear in the next Newsletter.  The Leader of the Christian Party (England), the Rev. George Hargreaves, was also present with the leaders in Scotland and Wales to authorise the constitutional changes.  Mr Hargreaves lost his wife earlier this year; Maxine had been a bulwark to George in supporting the arduous task of persuading Christians that we need a Christian Party in the U.K.  With the establishment of Executives in Scotland, England and Wales, we pray that the Party has reached a tipping point and that progress will be made in the development of the infra-structure of the Party and in adding to our electoral success in Welsh local government.

Electoral cycle and local politics
The Party has been right round the electoral cycle since its establishment in 2004.  We have developed Manifestos and policies at European, Westminster and Holyrood level.  We are now concentrating on local politics.  Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP, recently acknowledged that UKIP was only now developing itself to fight local council elections.  Thus far, the SCP has been more successful than UKIP in Scotland, although UKIP has larger funds.  The SCP is working on a shoe-string budget, as our annual accounts show.  For cost-effectiveness and punching above its weight, the SCP is in the lead.  What more could we do if Christians would catch the vision or at least help to finance the Party?

Members were encouraged to meet together and we trust that more Christians will want to join us to discuss the way forward for the Party in preparation for the local elections in 2012.  There is something for everyone.  No-one can do everything, but we can all do something.  The Saviour commended Mary of Bethany: “She has done what she could” Mark 14:8.

Much has been accomplished and there is much to celebrate in the reviving of a public witness to the Kingship of Christ.  “Except the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it” Psalm 127:1.

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