Can we rely on the Tories?

26 August 2011

Which way will the Tories and the SNP vote when the question about homosexual ‘marriage’ comes before the Scottish Parliament?

In the recent Scottish election campaign, the Scottish Christian Party pointed out that the Scottish Parliament will be the battleground to re-define marriage in order to legalise homosexual ‘marriage’.  It didn’t take long for the battle to be joined.

We pointed out the inadequacies of the Conservative Party whose leader David Cameron supports this to the extent that the Scottish Tories have been struck dumb on their former support for Clause 28 (Section 2A in Scotland), the law prohibiting the promotion of homosexuality in schools and which forbade local authorities to “intentionally promote homosexuality”.  This may explain why the Scottish Youth Parliament is kick starting the push for legalising homosexual ‘marriage’.  We do not hear of any lead from Scottish Tories on the subject.  Even the Highlands and Islands MSP Mary Scanlon said that she hadn’t given it much thought; so on one of the greatest social upheavals of our generation this Conservative MSP had not given it much thought nor discussion with her party.

At the last minute of the election campaign, Alex Salmond gave his support  for homosexual ‘marriage’.  Since then, the SNP MSP, John Mason, an evangelical Christian, was attacked by homosexual activists for introducing a motion for debate.  His reason for doing so was that there was no discussion on the topic.

Another evangelical Christian, Murdo Fraser, MSP, the deputy leader of the Scottish Tories, has put his hat in the ring for the Scottish Tory leadership contest.  Will he lead the Tories in a different direction to Annabel Goldbie?

It is difficult to see this.  One of the most influential Conservative websites was critical of David Cameron and the Tories General Election campaign in 2010 in a report which labelled it inadequate.  Prior to the last election, the website promised 50 things about David Cameron’s Conservatives.  It must have run out of ideas as we can only find five on the website.  However one thing that it did advertise prominently was, in speaking of the new intake of Conservative politicians in May 2010: “They are at home in modern Britain in that they are supportive of gay rights, are civil libertarian and use the NHS.”  So we can expect little help from the Tories who describe themselves as “gay friendly”.

An email on behalf of the Conservative Party Chairman, Eric Pickles, says: “Since the beginning of his leadership, David Cameron has made clear the Conservative Party’s commitment to sexual equality and gay rights – from his first conference speech, in which he proudly confirmed our support for civil partnerships, to his apology for our former stance on Section 28.”

Will Scottish Christians simply spectate as their Parliament debates these matters, or will they act?  Having failed to support the Scottish Christian Party, which could have been the much-needed voice in the debating chamber, Christians will now need to fight a rear-guard action with only a few declared MSPs who are hampered by their party managers.

Will Christian businessman Brian Souter get his money’s worth out of bank-rolling the SNP to the tune of £500,000 in each of the past two Scottish elections?  In 2000 Souter sponsored the first privately-funded postal referendum across Scotland to gauge public opinion on his Keep the Clause campaign.  His campaign was ultimately unsuccessful, and the poll was criticised as an exercise in chequebook democracy.  The SNP did not complain about his chequebook democracy for their election campaign, but will his support of the SNP deliver Scotland from this God-dishonouring social engineering?  The problem was not lack of money, nor lack of public support, but lack of an articulate Christian voice to argue the case in the corridors of power and influence.  The homosexual lobby is running rings round frightened politicians.

It is a costly price that Scotland will pay for failing to elect sufficient numbers of Christian politicians.  Within weeks of
New York voting to legalise homosexual ‘marriage’, Hurricane Irene is heading towards the eastern seaboard of America, scheduled to hit New York this Lord’s Day.  Emergency evacuations are taking place on an unprecedented scale and the New York mayor ordered the first-ever evacuations for low-lying parts of the city and a shutdown of the city’s mass transit system.  Irene is the name of the Greek god of peace, who presided over the seasons and the order of nature, but this hurricane is far from peaceful and reminds us rather of the ire of God’s displeasure.  It occurs only a few days after one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded on the east coast of the USA forced the evacuations of parts of the Capitol, White House and Pentagon.  Let sceptics smile, but God is not mocked.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap” Galatians 6:7.

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  • 29/8/2011 Update:
    Thankfully the Lord moderated Hurricane Irene to a tropical storm by the time it arrived at the Big Apple on the Lord’s Day.  However widespread damage has occurred and 21 people have died.

    There was relief in New York that the storm surge, which coincided with high tide, did not do more damage.  But will they be thankful to the Lord? or will they return to their former God-dishonouring lifestyles, concluding that it is religious superstition to be thankful to the Most High?

    Disaster was not confined to New York nor the Eastern seaboard of America, for at the same time a more powerful Typhoon Nanmadol hit the Philippines and headed towards Taiwan.  The point of this news story is not that New York is worse than everywhere else, but that New York has symbollically made a powerful statement in favour of homosexuality, and the Lord is reminding people by a few powerfully symbolical statements that He is mightier than His opponents.  Psalm 89:8-9.

    The Lord Jesus Christ says: “He that has ears to hear, let him hear” Mat 11:15.  Are we listening?

  • 23 Nov 2011: Pink News reports that the UK Youth Parliament votes not to campaign for same-sex marriage”.  It was voted as having the least priority for young people in their recent debate in the House of Commons.  One MYP (Member of Youth Parliament) who spoke in the main debate asked: “I think it’s the main way of beating homophobic bullying. If it’s not recognised as equal then how do we end this?”  The SCP suggests teaching our youth about proper Christianity.