Is this the beginning of the right wing backlash?

15 August 2011

David Cameron’s Big Society agenda has been derailed by his Broken Society agenda.

Not so long ago the Prime Minister was trying to promote his Big Society, but now his top priority has returned to sorting out our Broken Society.  This schizophrenic description of our society, caring enough to call it a Big Society, but with sufficient numbers of “pockets” of disruption to call it a Broken Society, shows David Cameron’s swinging about from one solution to another.  Just as it takes time for him to catch up with each crisis as it comes along, so his view of the goodness of mankind and society has been rudely arrested by events.  His knee-jerk view of ‘pockets’ of criminality in our society has been replaced by his original view of a Broken Society which will require a root and branch review of Conservative policy - which would be unnecessary if there were only pockets of problems.

This pendulum mentality does not suggest a person who knows how to analysis, diagnose and solve the problems in UK society.  He is not a deep thinker.  The SCP has warned for some time that a
right-wing backlash may replace the moral laissez-faire.  David Cameron is an angry man, and it is reflected in his whole demeanour and language.  He has declared war on gang culture, the demoralising of UK society, etc.  He does not unite but rather divides opinion with moralising “us and them”.  Just as the credit crisis can be used to push through a radical public spending cut agenda, so the English city riots can be used to push through some right-wing measures.  He has identified 120,000 broken families who are to be targetted at great expense to the public purse.  The freeness of the Gospel of heart-changing Christianity is not seen as any solution by our politicians.

The Tories’ 1993 Back to Basics campaign was attacked as hypocrisy by the media, and the idea that only the perfect can promote morality is the mantra of the religiously illiterate media.  Christianity is for sinners, and it gives the motivation for morality, striving towards perfection by those who are far from perfect.  The Tories are suggesting a new “moral contract”, a new morality, but we have yet to hear its motivating principle.  Misdiagnosed blame is back on the agenda.  Why should citizenship, education, nationalism, patriotism, humanism or any other “ism” take precedence over the love of God and the love of our neighbour as ourselves in providing the motivating principle?  How will politicians motivate the population to love our neighbour as ourselves?  We need a change of heart - we need a spiritual reformation.

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