Minor Party Scottish Election Analysis

31 May 2011

Of the unelected political Parties in Scotland, the Scottish Christian Party is among the top runners.

The All Scotland Pensioners Party, the Scottish Socialist Party and Solidarity have each had previous representation in the Scottish Parliament, and the BNP and UKIP have had electoral success outside Scotland, but none of these five parties had success in the recent Scottish election.

However, with 16,466 votes the Scottish Christian Party has beaten Tommy Sheridon’s Solidarity with 2,837 votes, George Galloway’s Respect Party with 6,972 and Colin Fox’s Scottish Socialist Party with 8,272 votes.  Arthur Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party with 16,847 votes was narrowly ahead of us.

The Socialists are split four ways, and the Eurosceptics are split three ways between the BNP who got 15,580 votes, UKIP who got 18,138 votes and the Scottish Christian Party with 16,466 votes.

In view of the SNP landslide, it is even more imperative for Christians to consider how their second vote was wasted.  We await the SNP agenda, but Christians voting for other Parties should ask themselves if these Parties will deliver the Christian agenda they seek.

Growing the Party

Our core vote in Scotland since 2009 has held up around 16,466 votes, but we have not yet made tangible contact with these voters except at the ballot box. We would like to make contact with them all. If you know who they are, or you have would like to make contact with us, please get in touch.

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Donald plans a series of meetings to explain how the Scottish Christian Party can help you have a Christian Voice in public life. Why not phone Donald to discuss your concerns? You can contact him at 01463 796952 or by email if you have a question.

If you want to know about the SCP in your area, click here for your regional contact.

Your nearest office is here.

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Come along and join in the action. The local elections will be an opportunity for Christians to work together to have a distinctly Christian voice in your local Council.

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