SCP election analysis

11 May 2011

The Scottish Christian Party is back on the road in Scottish politics.

After our initial showing in 2007, the Scottish Christian Party went into the doldrums in most of the country except in Inverness.  In the 2010 General Election the SCP stood only one candidate, in Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey constituency in opposition to Danny Alexander, with the slogan “It is time to change your M.P. - Choose a serving Christian instead of a career politician.  One day will fix the next five years.”

After this, the SCP re-organised itself and in the past six months it has bounced back to secure the grateful thanks of
16,466 Scottish Christian Party voters.  This is significantly down from 2007 but this does not compare like with like.  In 2007 we had a fully funded campaign; this time the whole campaign was run on a shoe-string budget.  Although the figure is down from 2007, it is significantly up from 2010.  In fact, it represents our core vote in Scotland since 2009 upon which we need to build.  It is gratifying to know that this core vote has held up in the face of the SNP tsunami.

On this occasion our support has varied between 0.3% in those Regions where we did not campaign but still found a core support for which we are thankful, to 2% in the Highlands and Islands Region.  Overall our support is 0.8%, down 0.5% from last time.  This ‘dip’ is actually a recovery from 0% in 2010 and our supporters can take heart that this time the SCP will be following through as the new Scottish Executive Committee has been developing the infrastructure of the Party and hopes that this will come to fruition in our annual conference planned for October 2011.  In spite of our national dip, along with every other major opposition party in Scotland, the North East Scotland Region increased its vote from 0.7% to our national average of 0.8%.

The results by Region are:

Highlands and Islands: 3541 = 2%
down 1.4% but still at the top of the minor Parties, above the BNP and UKIP.

Central: 3173 = 1.4%
down 0.7%; but higher than most other minor Parties, including the BNP and UKIP.

West of Scotland: 2468 = 0.9%
down 0.5%; but higher than the BNP and UKIP.

North East Scotland: 2159 = 0.8%
up 0.1%; where we increased our vote and beat the BNP.

Glasgow: 1501 = 0.7%
down 0.7%; where we beat UKIP but Patrick Harvie got in with an increased vote.

South of Scotland: 1924 = 0.7%
down 0.1%; where we have a new team who engaged enthusiastically at very short notice.

Lothian: 914 = 0.3%
down 0.4%; where we beat the CPA who got 553, in spite of our not campaigning.

Mid Scotland and Fife 786 = 0.3%
down 0.3%; where we beat the CPA who got 638, in spite of our not campaigning.

We have some distance to go to make the 6-7% necessary for a break-through, but we are not alone because many of the major Parties were also squeezed and lost thousands of pounds in Deposits.  Professor John Curtice said on Newsnight Scotland on 10/5/2011 that a new voting system is being introduced which is even more favourable to smaller parties than the d’Hondt formula which is currently used.

We need to remember that there are multiple end-points over and beyond gaining an MSP:

1. The Christian Voice was raised.
2. Christians were not disenfranchised - they had the opportunity to vote for a Christian Voice in every Region of Scotland.
3. Many more Christians know about the Scottish Christian Party.
4. We are on the field of play and have more influence than spectators.

If anyone asks why there was not an SCP candidate in their constituency, we begin by pointing out that there was a candidate on your Regional list although there was none in your constituency.  The reason why there was no constituency candidate is because there was
no Christian in your area who contacted the Scottish Christian Party to put their name on the ballot paper, and there were not ten people in your area prepared to donate £10 once a year for five years, the price of a deposit.  Look around you; if you want a candidate in your area next time, organise a small group of Christians and click here to send us an email.  Alternatively you can telephone 01463 796952.  You may want to help or to join the Scottish Christian Party.  Contact your nearest office or regional contact - click here.

The leaders of the
Lib Dems, Labour and the Tories in Scotland have all intimated their resignations.  The Scottish Executive Committee has indicated that it wishes Dr Donald Boyd to continue as leader of the Scottish Christian Party.  Amidst this leadership disarray, we note that our Commander-in-Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ, is not retiring off the field any time soon.  “Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the world” Matthew 28:20.