So the consultation has arrived

3 September 2011

The Scottish Government is consulting on the definition of marriage.

It seems that our education system has failed to teach a generation of politicians to look up dictionaries and to use their powers of reason.  Rather the anaemic educational diet foisted upon Scottish children by politicians in recent decades has resulted in the Scottish Youth Parliament kick-starting the plan to redefine marriage to include homosexual partnerships, which has now been officially announced by the SNP Government.

Possibly their youth and progressive thinking was meant to disarm public opposition, but more sober heads have not yet lost their powers of reasoning.  Rather, exercised and biblical Christians spend so much time reasoning with sinners Isaiah 1:18 that they are not likely to be hoodwinked by a manipulative campaign putting young people in the forefront of such drastic social change.

A consultation will help the government to blame someone else if the decision is wrong.  This is somewhat similar to the capital spending projects which have be-devilled public life since incompetent and unchristian consciences have been controlling the board rooms of our country.

The Scottish Christian Party has been warning of this social upheaval for several years, and now the moment has arrived.  Who will stand in the gap?  The Christian community did not elect a Scottish Christian Party politician to articulate the case, so we are waiting to see who will to do it for them - and for us.  For we are all in this together. 

In the 1970s we were told that it was conspiracy theory to speak of the humanist attempt to undermine the nuclear family.  Conspiracy or not, it is now quite evident that the traditional family is under threat and even the very meaning of words are to be redefined so that marriage will include sex-same partnerships.  Newspeak has arrived along with Big Brother and the moral revolution is reaching a tipping point.  Will Christians rise to the challenge?

Responding to the Consultation