The adoption scandal

27 July 2011

Forced adoption is an unspoken scandal which is coming to light too slowly for those affected by it.

It has been given more prominence in Australia than in the UK, and Roman Catholic bishops there have apologised recently to single mothers who were forced to give up their babies for adoption from the 1950s to the 1970s.

The Scottish Christian Party supports more psychological support for mothers who have lost children through abortion or adoption.

In our recent election manifesto, we drew attention to the forced adoption of the children of mothers with long prison sentences and drug dependency.

Another side to the adoption debate is the growing pressure on Christians from adoption by homosexual couples.

The Christian Church does not help the situation with some Christian websites advertising the price of prospective adopted children.

The discussion and controversy around Madonna’s adoption of African children raised questions whether celebrity adoption was for the good of the child or to satisfy the needs of the adopting parents.

5/9/2011 8:47 Today, BBC Radio 4: Four children are to be taken away from their parents for being ‘
too fat’.  John Humphrys asked: “Don’t the parents have any rights at all?”  Hilton Dawson, Chief Executive of the British Association of Social Workers replied: “The parents have responsibilities under the Children Act.”

Children’s rights are beginning to trump parental rights.  Already some humanistic campaigners are calling for children’s rights to include the right to sexual expression.  If this imbalance between parental and children’s rights continues, parents will not be able to prevent their children exploring their right to sexual expression.  This plays into the homosexual agenda to teach primary school children that homosexual relationships are normal and possibly, through role play, to explore homosexual tendencies.  It also plays into the paedophilia agenda to lower the age of consent.

17/10/2011 The procurement of children by IVF for homosexual couples could be considered a form of adoption, and sometimes things do not work out well for the children.